The Sinister Omen (Nancy Drew No. 67)

The Sinister Omen (Nancy Drew, #67) - Carolyn Keene Nancy helps an elderly woman whose house has been burglarized frequently and tries to stop an international ring of stamp forgers.A gang's efforts to scare amateur detective Nancy Drew away from a case in The Sinister Omen are futile as her interest only gets stronger in a mystery that involves stamp collections from all over the world being stolen all of which included extremely rare particular stamps. She is then also hired by a wealthy woman to catch some burglars who continue to ransack her house yet steal nothing.I used to find that in many Nancy Drew books Nancy just seems to have too much luck, finding important clues with little effort, being able to get herself out of trouble as quickly as she got into it, etc and this book was no different. However I did notice in this book specifically that there were a few times where the crooks slipped through her fingers, were lost sight of before they could be caught, etc. which was a nice change. These events finally made Nancy have to rethink her strategies and be a bit more inventive.Setting: On vacation Nancy and her friends travel from their homes in River Heights down the US east coastline to Fort Lauderdale in Florida where they travel around a fair bit of the city, beaches, and surrounding area while staying at the luxurious home of a friend/business partner of Nancy's father.Characters: Nancy Drew along with her girl friends Bess and George and their boy friends Ned, Burt and Dave are all involved in the adventures of this book. In addition, Nancy's father Carson Drew makes brief appearances as he works on different leads of his own case (which Nancy helps solve in addition to her own mystery), and several others on both sides of the law are included. My favourite secondary character in this book is tied between the fiesty elderly lady and the bodyguard.Age Recommendation: This book has been marketed for ages 9-12 however the nostalgia of Nancy Drew can really be enjoyed at any age.Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it only took me about a day to read which was a nice change. I used to be quite a Nancy Drew fan when I was younger and read about 50 books of the series then. I haven't read any since then so it was nice to reminisce about those days as I re-encountered familiar characters as well as a few bits of reoccurring plot lines.