Empty - Suzanne Weyn This is a book set in future not so far from the present where oil is severely running out and due to the chain of events that follow the lives of the residents of Sage Valley and Marietta must change in order to survive. The story follows the lives of three teens. Tom, a football player from an average income family who is always willing to help anyone out who needs it, Gwen, an orphan trying to stay under the radar so not to be put into foster care, and Niki, a cheerleader from a wealthy family who has always lived in the lap of luxury. Their stories quickly interconnect with one another.Throughout reading this book it made me think about my own way of life in a new way and my dependence on oil for so many things as are so many people around the world. Also it got me thinking how I would cope during a time when life as we know it seems to be crashing down around us. Let's just say I have a new appreciation for my kayak. ;)For such a short book I was impressed by how much Suzanne was able to include without skimping out on the world and character building.