Red Queen

The Red Queen (The Cousins' War, #2) - Philippa Gregory After seemingly endless starts and stops when it came to reading this book I have finally finished it! Still unsure of how to voice my feeling towards Margaret Beaufort though.After reading several books written in third person I was taken aback by the first person narrative of this book. This was severely enhanced by the abrasive, self-righteous, blunt tone that is Margaret Beaufort.I wanted to believe in her cause and feel sorry for her when fortune turned its back on her at times, but I found it so difficult. I could easily side with whomever became her ally but couldn't really side with her for long before she said something that just put me off her again.As for the writing of this book I highly enjoyed it and wonder if I made the right choice or not to read this book without reading The White Queen beforehand. As many other reviews mentioned this book follows the same time frame as that book but just with a different point of view. Based on these other reviews it seems many didn't care for this book as much as the other (first, The White Queen) but I believe that may be just due to people not being able to get past the main character's personality.I also enjoyed that I was able to match up some of the beginning period in this book with a previous book I read, Queen by Right by Anne Easter Smith, which is set at some of the same time in the eyes of Cecily Neville the mother of the three sons of York; Edward, George and Richard, mentioned/featured in The Red Queen.