Elliot and the Pixie Plot: The Underworld Chronicles

Elliot and the Pixie Plot - Jennifer A. Nielsen, Gideon Kendall Talented by Sophie Davis: 3.5/5Characters: Natalia Lyons, Donavon McDonough (her boyfriend), McDonough (Mac) (her "adoptive" father, Donavon's father, head honcho of T.O.X.I.C.), Henri and Erik (Tal's Hunter team/room-mates), Ian Crane (head of the Coalition/rebels)Setting: predominately The Headquarters, a base for Toxic operatives to train and practice using their Talents when not in school, located in Washington, D.C.Writing: Several times I found myself having to reread a sentence more than once to acquire the intended meaning as some words were reversed in order and other words were missing all together, which was distracting. Generally in any uncorrected proofs I've read (which I assume this one is even though it has been out for over a year) I come across typos which I have become accustomed to overlooking but this is a new type of error that through me off a bit. Storyline: The storyline was slow in the beginning to attracted my attention. Well, beyond the fact that these children were "Talented" which such a wide variety of abilities that kept my interest in a "What else can people do here?" kind of way. I found it got a lot more interesting once Natalia, Henri and Erik starting going on Toxic missions as well as when Donavon and Natalia's relationship hit the rocks. The world building and descriptions were good but very repetitive (e.g. I don't know how many times I was told that the Coalition states' residents were poorer than the other states. Yeah ok, I get it).Ending: I don't mind cliff hangers at the end of books as they generally amp up my excitement to read the next book, but I found in this case the cliff was far too steep. I was left with the feeling of "What just happened?" that seemed to break down any of the hope I had about a positive turn out for Natalia. I already don't trust Donavon and now if he is going to make things infinitely more difficult for Erik in the next book that it may affect the wellbeing of what's left of Erik's family, I will distrust him even more bordering on wishing ill of him. It is as if the years he'd been with her meant nothing, since by reporting Erik he is sure to lose her for good (if he hasn't already).Continuing the Series: At some point I may continue reading the series but if the next book also ends in such a cliff hanger I don't see me being apt to reading it right away. I have so many other books I am dying to read first.Recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone who likes books that have a cliff-hanger ending (or at least don't mind that), that like books with romance (somewhat love-triangle style), or anyone who is looking for another dystopian book to give it a try. As a whole, I did enjoy it and thought it might be one of my favourite books, despite the repetition and errors, until I reach the epilogue.