The Virgin Cure

The Virgin Cure - Ami McKay I recently joined a book club with some people at work. This was the first book the majority voted for so I figured I'd give it a go. Especially since I wanted to test drive my new e-reader.This book definitely didn't disappoint. It was the first I had read by this author but since beginning this book I have already picked up The Birth House so I can read more from Ami McKay.The way this book is written the more innocent/nice a character seemed, the more I wanted everything to work out for them and really felt for them when things didn't go so well, e.g. the young Moth, Alice, Cadet, Dr. Sadie, etc.I also enjoyed the bits and pieces of "articles" from newspapers, poems, bits about fashion magazines from the time period and the journal pages from Dr. Sadie that were all included in this book. They added to the atmosphere of the time period and gave a different perspective on the events aside from how Moth saw them.SPOILERS: I liked how in the end we find out what happens a few years later for some of the characters but there are still a few I would have liked to have heard more about. Like if Nestor ever earned enough money to be with his girl, if Carolyn ever became Mrs. Wentworth's lady's maid or if she hired another girl to beat, if Mrs. Wentworth ever found out about her husband being with Moth or if her husband ever found out Moth had worked for this wife, if Mrs. Wentworth ever noticed her things were missing, what happened to Moth's neighbour/friend from her old neighbourhood after she came to Mrs. Everett's, if Moth ever got the tear catcher back, what happened to Mae, etc.